Ekaterina Anisimova
Anisimova Ekaterina
Composer E. Anisimova


Ekaterina Anisimova
Anisimova Ekaterina Valeryevna
(b. 1972)
composer/educator, Member of the Union of composers of RUSSIAN FEDERATION
winner of Composers-performers "in memory of Boris Tchaikovsky" (1996)

winner of the III international competition. S.s. Prokofiev (1999
winner of composers for Russian folk and y. Šišakova (2003)
the RF Government Scholarship (1999)
"Each piece of lived life, remaining in eternity.

Russian Academy of music. Gnesin
class composition and assistentura-internship Professor g. Chernov
· vocal compositions
· children's instrumental
· instrumental ensembles
· chamber ensembles
· folk instruments
· Opera
· applied music
· symphonic works
· fortepianno

The concept of creativity
Music is a tool to test a lot of feelings and emotions ...

Each work is a part of his life, remaining in eternity.
This line of work, the piece ends.
New writing is the search for new details regarding the previous one.
Creativity is a reflection of love.

Performers of his music give freedom of interpretation.

List of major works
Symphony No. 2 in 3 parts for BASIC SOCIAL SERVICES
Jazz-Caprice for trumpet, piano and Symphony Orchestra
Concerto for piano and large Symphony Orchestra
Three string quartets, a Quartet of saxophones, vocal music, piano music, music for folk instruments,
Music for various combinations of instruments, children's music.
Music to the dock. film about the history of Russian Aviation Russians fly "(screenplay, directed by v. Anisimov),
M-Ka scetch "Reflection of love"
M by writing "Tinderbox" (n. Lavrov)
M-Ka to advertising, SoCs. project
M-spacecraft to dock. film a. Pivovarova "Moscow autumn" 41
M-spacecraft to dock. the film "Chinese tea"
M-spacecraft to dock. the film "The judges" m-spacecraft to dock. the film "Operation" Grand Waltz "

M-Ka in the style of NEW AGE (album "Dreams of you")